Native American Tradition & Education

"I believe our true nature is freedom and happiness."

~ Belinda Eriacho ~

I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and feel free. Through my personal healing, I have experienced the awakening process and I can help you experience the same.  It is through my personal journey on the corn pollen path of life, love, loss, grief, abuse, healing, illness, and renewal of the self that I am able to assist you in this process.  I understand life's challenges and joys that are presented to us. I realize these life challenges are the gifts on our life's journey towards "hozho". Hozho is a way of life and means to walk through life in balance with all living things around me in everything that we do. I believe in the power of transformation and no "status quo" is final.  We each have the choice to live a life of happiness and a sense of freedom.  I provide group experiences, and cultural and spiritual teachings to facilitate the healing process towards hozho.

At the age of 12 years old I sat next to my maternal grandmother rubbing her arthritic hands and praying for healing and that her pain would go away.  This experience, I now realize was the beginning of becoming an educator and practitioner.  It wasn't until I became an adult that I also realized the gift of healing touch and prayer that I possessed. For most of my adult life this gift laid dormant until I experienced a severe illness. It was through this illness my journey of healing began.  This journey of healing led me to experience traditional Dine' ceremonies, traditional Chinese medicine, medicinal plants, and inner healing. Through these modalities I experienced healing of my physical body, emotional and spiritual bodies.  It also provided me the wisdom and tools of how to heal.  I surrendered to the spiritual aspects of being human in order to achieve wholeness and ultimately hozho. As an educator, practitioner,  and international speakerI have been called to be of service and to share these gifts with others.


"There is a point when you have to decide and to allow yourself to fly into the unknown..."

                                                                                 ~B. Eriacho ~

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