Sacred Circles


The sacred circles are a Native American traditional way to discuss issues, concerns and builds cohesiveness.  Each individual shares their point(s) of view with others freely in the circle.  The symbol of the circle serves to encourage people to be open freely and honestly.

There are two types of circles offered:

  • Sharing circle
  • Healing circle

The Sharing Circle is a safe place for participants to share.  It can be used to generate a feeling of harmony and kinship amongst the participants.  This is great for team building.

The Healing Circle is a more formal circle for participants to share issues and concerns.  The Healing Circle is the most powerful type of circle.  It is lead by a facilitator.  In a safe space where each participant is given the opportunity to voice issues or concerns in a sympathetic and supportive environment.

Sacred elements and prayer are part of these sacred circles.

The length will vary and is dependent upon the number of participants in the circle. The average length is approximately 2 – 3 hours.  Fee is $30 per person per circle. For the date, time and location refer to the calendar.

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