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Cultural Appropriation and Psychedelics

October 10, 2020 @ 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Join the POC Psychedelic Collective for a discussion on cultural appropriation and psychedelics.  Rebeca Rocha, PhD, CSWA will moderate the discussion with Belinda Eriacho, MT, MPH, Charles Flores, PhD, LPCC, and Nicole Buchanan, PhD.  Hosted by People of Color Psychedelic Collective.
In this workshop we’ll cover questions like:
1. What is cultural appropriation? How does cultural appropriation show up in the psychedelic world?
2. How indigenous wisdom is viewed? How whiteness dictates “legitimate” knowledge?
3. How are the psychedelic medicines seen in the U.S.A. vs the communities where they originated?
4. What are the harms and dangers of psychedelic cultural appropriation?
5. Can people of color perpetuate cultural appropriation with regards to psychedelics? How?
6. What are the consequences of the clinical use of psychedelic medicines for indigenous people and communities who have been using those medicines originally?

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